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Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about NIE? You’re not the first! Take a look at our NIE FAQs. They might answer your question!

o What is NIE?

NIE provides newspaper subscriptions for Frederick County classroom use at no cost to teachers, thanks to sponsorship from local companies. It’s designed to encourage integration of the news with classroom lessons and discussions. There are ways to use the news in every subject and every grade level, and the newspaper has proven to be a great tool for opening topics of discussion amongst students and teachers alike. If you need ideas or suggestions, there are supplements available with activities and lesson plans for each school subject when you log in to FNPnie.com.

o How do I log on to FNPnie.com?

You can only log on to FNPnie.com if you have an existing NIE subscription. If this is the case, your username is the email address you used to sign up for a subscription. Your password is always fnpnie until you change it.parents_paper

o Why didn’t I get a print subscription when I signed up for one?

Free print copies are only available to teachers with students who have special needs, and every print subscription request is monitored through NIE staff. The e-edition is available to all Frederick County schools, both private and public, at no cost.

o What is the e-edition?

The e-edition, short for electronic edition, is simply the same newspaper you see in print displayed on a computer screen. When you subscribe to the e-edition, you get an email with a link to the newspaper each day the paper is published. There are settings within the e-edition that you can adjust so that you do not receive an email regularly, or so you can set a preference as to how you view the paper each day.

o How can I use the e-edition in my classroom?

One of the great things about the e-edition is how flexible it is for use in lesson plans. Say you find a story you like in the paper that you could use in next week’s lesson. Double click on the story and you can save a link, email, print or copy and paste for later use. Or if that story was a great example of something you recently discussed with students, you can pull it up on the projector and have the class read it together. In just one or two clicks, you’ve enhanced your lessons.

o What if I don’t have a computer for every student, or regular access to the computer lab?

There are other ways for students to all see the e-edition at once, such as printing out specific stories or pages that are relevant to what you’re teaching, or projecting the screen from the computer to the front of the classroom. Once you get adjusted to navigating through the paper electronically, you’ll realize just how useful it can be, and from there you can morph the way you use it to fit the way you teach.

boy_papero What else do I get with my newspaper subscription?

Take a look at our Programs, found on FNPnie.com. At least one of these programs might be perfect for your classroom! The NIE Coordinator can also schedule classroom visits for any topic of discussion or provide tours of our Frederick News-Post building.

o What’s an affidavit form, and why do I need to sign it?

Every teacher who receives a free newspaper subscription, whether electronic or print, MUST fill out and sign an affidavit form. The form simply states that the teacher received the copies and used them in the classroom. This is part of regulations for the Audit Bureau of Circulations, and teachers who do not return signed affidavit forms will not receive a free subscription through NIE the following year.

o Where can I find the affidavit form?

When you log in to FNPnie.com, there’s a link to this year’s affidavit form. Or, the NIE Coordinator can send you a new one electronically.

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